The big names in the Hayden Kho sex video scandal finally speak out.

Erik Chua speaks out:

"I personally know Dr. Hayden Kho (hereafter, "Dr. Kho"), Ms. Princess Marie S. Velasco (hereafter, "Ms. Velasco"), Dr. Mark Herbert A. Rosario (hereafter, Dr. Rosario"), and Dr. Maria Victoria G. Belo Henares (hereafter, "Dr. Belo")."

So who in the heck is Princess Velasco?

"Bistek had a girlfriend and I understand they were supposed to be getting married soon. How it happen that one day or one night, Hayden and this fiancée of Bistek had one drink too many they ended up in bed, they had sex."

Who in the heck is Bistek?

The boyfriend of course!

Alright, by using Google I found Princess Marie S. Velasco's name at DLSU faculty directory. I'm 101% NOT sure that this pretty lady was the one identified by Erik Chua as the girlfriend of Dr. Bistek Rosario who slept with Hayden Kho. I also Googled the name Bistek Rosario and I ended up at Facebook. There are no clear photos of Erik Chua in the internet, but once again, I tried to look it up and found this!

Who the heck is this?! :lol:

Vicky Belo speaks out!

Erik gave me a DVD. He told me, 'Ayan, regalo ko sa 'yo ("Here, my gift to you"). I thought that the DVD contained the video I was looking for. Nonetheless, I was furious that Erik copied the video in a DVD despite my specific instruction to delete the video should he find it.

I played the DVD. I was shocked and appalled to find out that the DVD contained videos of Hayden having sex with other women, including Ms. Katrina Halili. Because of my anger, I destroyed the DVD and the hard drive and threw them away.

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