Where is Floyd Mayweather Sr.? Floyd Mayweather Jr. come back?

Where in the hell is Floyd Mayweather Sr. after the fight? The freaking trainer just left Ricky Hatton after the fight, he doesn't have the balls to walk his fighter back to the dugout. He even don't have the balls to face Larry Merchant for an interview. Now who is the joke?


He didn't even show up at the post conference. Senior is mad at Hatton for not following orders. FMS is not only a big joke but also big pile of shit.

So Floyd Mayweather jr. come back was finally revealed before the Pacquiao - Hatton bout, the gayrunner is so effing funny still. He chooses his opponent once again, this time it's Juan Manuel Marquez; a 135 lightweight champion, well it's his style as Larry Merchant revealed, Floyd Mayweather Jr. only fights somebody he can easily beat, it's so obvious that he will pick on Juan Manuel Marquez (135 champ Mayweather's fight was 147), the fact that Marquez challenged him after his beat down of Juan Diaz. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Floyd Mayweather jr. bout is a mere crap.

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