If you're an mmorpg game addict, I'm pretty sure you're always looking for easy way to have your online characters a better life. Many online gamers are looking for cheats, hacks and bots. In the Philippines, the most famous massive multiplayer online games are Ragnarok, Rohan, Cabal, and RAN online. These are the hottest online rpg games and Filipino players are eager to have bots for these games. When I was a ragnarok addict before, I am not denying that once in my online life I became a botter :) Ragnarok before is so popular that botting is an option, and if you get caught doing it is like you get a ReclusiĆ³n perpetua.

ROHAN Online is one of the most popular online game today and Rohan bot is the hottest program gamers are looking for. Alright, let me tell you once more that BOTTING is a crime! In the online world illegal programs such as bots is like you're using a car which doesn't belong to you. The reason why online multiplayer games is so popular because they are like real life fantasy characters. Playing this game will consume half of your life, this is not your ordinary PS3 game. MMORPG will rock your world!

A friend of mine told me that Rohan is so popular that players can now download live bots. But, let me tell you something, if you think this bot programmers will just release free Rohan bot for free, you better think twice before you freaking download it!

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