Pacquiao vs Hatton Pre Fight Predictions and Analysis

Compilation of Pre Fight Predictions and Analysis for Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton.

Freddie Roach, two-time best trainer awardee and long-time trainer of Manny Pacquiao:

Manny will knock Ricky out, for sure. I'm very confident. I've studied Ricky Hatton's tapes. He has too many flaws for Manny Pacquiao. He's made for Manny Pacquiao. I know (Hatton's trainer) Floyd Mayweather Sr. thinks he has the stronger fighter, but I don't think so.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., Ricky Hatton’s trainer and father of former pound-for-pound king Floyd Jr.:

"Manny has a good left jab, but when I see the way he throws punches, I see an amateur. When you beat De La Hoya with that, it means De La Hoya quit, forget, end of story. Hatton would beat Pacquiao by stoppage. Ricky is going to beat his ass. I'm not looking for a beat down. I'm looking for a stop down."

Bob Arum, Top Rank boss and respected boxing promoter:

“He improves from fight to fight which to me demonstrates that we have a fighter who’s still not yet at his peak. What usually happens is that fighters, they reach a particular peak before they hit a plateau and decline. But Manny hasn’t peaked yet so it’s all coming right. Believe me, the Manny Pacquiao that will be in the ring against Ricky Hatton is a better fighter than the one that went in the ring against Oscar De La Hoya."

Emmanuel Steward: Boxing Analyst and Former Trainor

Emmanuel Steward "Ricky is a fast, strong fighter. Size does make a difference. That's why we have all these different weight divisions. Ricky is naturally strong at 140, and Pacquiao is a good 135-pound fighter. Mayweather may well be the best defensive trainer in history, and what he is teaching could make it more difficult for Pacquiao.

I see the fight as a close one, nip and tuck all the way. If I was a betting man, I'd have to give a slight edge to Ricky. Ricky is just a bigger guy. Manny is a tremendous puncher, but we don't know what effect his punch will have against a 140 pound boxer.


Hatton's style may give Pacquiao problems, but Pacquiao is the better boxer and should win. Hatton 0, Pacquiao 1

DAVID HAYE - Heavyweight title contender & former cruiserweight world champion:

Hatton has taken his career to new heights with his new trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr and a more professional, healthy approach to living between fights. Hatton wins a very close, hard-fought decision. He may have to get off the floor but he will find a way to win. Hatton 1, Pacquiao 1

OSCAR DE LA HOYA - Former six-weight world champion:

Ricky has the X-factor in his style to beat Manny; he also has Floyd Mayweather in his corner and he is such a great trainer he will make Ricky feel like he is King Kong going in there. Hatton 2, Pacquiao 1

JOE CALZAGHE - Former super-middle & light-heavyweight world champion:

It's going to be a tough fight for Ricky but he's got a better chance of beating Manny than he did against Floyd Mayweather Jr [who beat Hatton in 2007]. If he can close the range and cut him down he has a great chance of winning. But he has to take his chance.

KEN BUCHANAN - Former lightweight world champion:

Ricky is set in the way he boxes. He goes forward, he's a pressure fighter and against Pacquiao he'll do what he's always done. Pacquiao, who's a tremendously talented fighter, will be too fast for him. Hatton 2, Pacquiao 2

BERNARD HOPKINS - Former middleweight and light-heavyweight world champion:

If Hatton moves his head from side to side as he comes in, it will give him the armoury to win this fight, because he has a rough tough style to defeat Pacquiao. But the winner will be he who executes the game plan best. Hatton has a great chance.

SIR HENRY COOPER - British heavyweight legend:

Hatton should win because he's bigger and heavier - and he's no slouch himself. Pacquiao is moving up the weight divisions. The first three rounds might be a bit flashy and fast for Hatton, but he'll wear Pacquiao down, and win in the latter rounds. Hatton 3, Pacquiao 2

RICHIE WOODHALL - Former super-middleweight world champion:

I think Pacquiao will cause Hatton all sorts of problems but he hasn't got Floyd Mayweather's speed or skills and Hatton's still the best light-welterweight in the world. Pacquiao's style should suit Hatton down to the ground. It will be Hatton's hardest fight ever but he'll have too much. Hatton 4, Pacquiao 2

CARL FROCH - WBC super-middleweight champion:

Ricky has got a very difficult job ahead of him. He's the underdog but I think he is going to pull it off. Size and power are his allies. If the referee lets him fight his fight rough, dirty, he'll beat Pacquiao. Hatton 5, Pacquiao 2

JAMES DEGALE - Olympic middleweight champion:

It's a fantastic fight. It's 50-50. It depends on who sticks to their game plan. If Pacquiao boxes Hatton he will win on a points decision. But if Hatton can draw Pacquaio into a fight, he is the bigger, stronger man, and will win on that count.

BARRY MCGUIGAN - Former featherweight world champion:

It's a pick 'em fight, with Pacquiao's speed and combinations against Hatton's strength and power. Hatton will have to use his relentlessness. Hatton on points. Hatton 6, Pacquiao 2

FRANK WARREN - Hatton's former promoter:

I don't like Hatton's chances. Boxing at light-welterweight will suit Hatton but it will favour Pacquiao more. Pacquiao will be that bit quicker than he was against Oscar de la Hoya at welterweight - and even stronger. Hatton 6, Pacquiao 3

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