Miguel Cotto is just scared?

Miguel Cotto

Boxing fans and huggers all over the world can not wait any longer for the confirmation if Miguel Cotto; the fast and strong puncher welterweight champion, will accept the challenge to face Manny Pacquiao by the end of this year. Miguel Cotto vs Manny Pacquiao will be the biggest fight of the year - two real champions, two real strong punchers and two real fighters in the ring.

Unfortunately, Miguel Cotto is likely ducking Manny Pacquiao, he said on one interview that he will not fight Pacquiao below catch-weight limit of 145lbs. Hmm, why man? Manny Pacquiao is a mere natural junior lightweight and he is a natural welter weight. The reason why Pacquiao fought Oscar Dela Hoya to a catch-weight of 147lbs. was because ODLH fights at 145-154lbs. (correct me if I'm wrong) during that time, and Pacquiao that time fought David Diaz at 135lbs. So the catch-weight is just fair don't you think?

For those who are murmuring, crying and talking s***s that Pacquiao, Roach and Bob Arum catch-weight conspiracies etc. etc. one thing I can tell you.


The only stupid match-up is Floyd Mayweather jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez. Why? Because Juan Marquez is a lightweight boxer (135) and Ducker Mayweather jr. is a natural welterweight (147-150), in fact he's even boasting his zero loss resume, he's even saying he can fight everyone; will crash everyone in his path. Guess what, Floyd wanted Marquez to bloat to 147lbs. for a death dfying bout, and ducker Floyd will only fight where he thinks he has the advantage for sure.

If Juan Marquez thinks he's the real man because he'll fight Mayweather jr. at 147lbs. he's so wrong. That's just stupidity. Floyd Mayweather jr. is at his gym laughing at him while working out, on the other hand JMM is in Mexico stuffing himself with burritos and carne asada to gain more weight and muscles. If Floyd Mayweather jr. wins, he'll simply say Juan Marquez is a tough fighter but he's the best boxer in the world. (JMM will lose the chance for a Trilogy with Pacquiao) :lol: If Juan Marquez wins (which I doubt he has only 30% chance of winning this fight, because of the fact that Mayweather jr. will just be punching and running for the whole 12 rounds and at the end of the fight UD will be given to Floyd), he will get some praises, stay as the no.2 pound for pound and will wait for a trilogy with Manny Pacquiao before he can sit on the pound-for-pound king throne.

Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto can go down up to 144-142lbs. Both of them started boxing as a lightweight (130-135lbs.) contenders compared to Manny Pacquiao who started boxing as flyweight (106lbs.). Tell me who's the greatest of them all by just looking the at the numbers?

Cotto should fight Pacquiao below 145lbs., shedding of some pounds will not hurt him (fighting Pacquiao does), he's a natural and the bigger man. Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto must happen!

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