Manny Pacquiao KO Ricky Hatton. Fight Replay

Pacquiao KO Hatton

pachatRicky Hatton downed two times in round 1, I thought the fight was over in round 1, the fight was frustrating. I want a full refund :lol: A super strong left hook got Hatton again in the jaw in round 2. Ricky Hatton fell down the canvass flat on his back. Two doctors checked him if he was OK, after a couple of minutes he stood up, shook his head, shocked and probably frustrated. Hatton went back to his dugout without his trainer, 'the joke' Floyd Mayweather Sr. Manny Pacquiao made a history tonight, won his fourth lineal title in four divisions, this one junior welterweight. Manny Pacquiao outclassed the likes of Barrera, Morales, Marquez, Dela Hoya, Diaz, Hatton and Mayweather Jr. Yes, you heard me right, Floyd Mayweather Jr.; all his wins have been completely erased tonight. Manny Pacquiao is totally a world class boxer, the king of all pound for pound fighters. The greatest boxer of all time, a Filipino!

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