Ted Failon's case gone wild

Ted Failon's wife is dead, some people think it's suicide and some people said there could be a foul play. Anyway, what really happened is still a mystery. But many Filipinos now are showing angst to the police officers who handled the situation during the ordeal.

Police Harassment is normal in the Philippines (I don't care if you get mad at me by saying it's normal :twisted: because it's true). What happened to the Etong Family is harsh, I don't know why the police officers acted that way, they seems over reacting or didn't even know what they're freaking doing. The family are human beings and they are not criminals, in times like this they should at least show some remorse to the family members.

If you will read the article posted at Inquirer (I mean reading it with an open mind) you don't want to take away the emotion felt by the relatives, that's why they don't want the police officers to messed up with the medical equipments attached to their sister (Trina Etong), knowing she's fighting for her dear life. On the other hand, because of the fact that all crucial evidences were no longer available due to the cleaning of the crime scenes, the police officers probably are just trying to gather more evidences as early or much as possible.

I don't have any idea about the laws in the Philippines so I'll leave it like that. Let's wait and see what will be the next story. For the meantime watch the videos below.

Ryan Moats a famous football player in the United States was arrested when he ran during a red light. He ran the red light because his mother-in-law has only minutes to live. He was accompanied by his wife and his mom. Watch the video.

The police officer who arrested them was reprimanded and he resigned in shame.

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