Have you forgotten King Luisito Espinosa?

I am hearing rumors left and right saying that Luisito Espinosa is so poor that people saw him begging for food. Hwat the FaQ! Could this be true? Luisition Espinosa is one of the best Filipino fighters, he's also one of the poor boxers who was cheated and mismanaged.

"AT the age of 37, former two-time world champion Luisito Espinosa has lost his ring guile and savvy. Sadly, he seems to have lost his wife and family as well.

Marie Cherie, Espinosa’s wife, reportedly has recently left his husband to be with an American, Pex Aves, a Dipolog City native who is now a practicing lawyer in Los Angeles, told Sports Times on Thursday. - Boxing Forums

Luisito Espinosa was reported working as a stocker at Costco and a boxing trainer for the MMA fighters Nate and Nick Diaz. An online petition to support Luisito Espinosa was created long time ago and I just want to help if it's not too late.

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