Floyd Mayweather Sr. is a joke

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is an aspiring boxing poet. His rap won't save his guy from being destroyed on May 2. Mayweather Sr's. poem goes like this:

I am being for real and saying what I feel,
This is the truest quote that I ever wrote,
From the first to the last note,
Hey Pac,
Its over, so quit wishing on a four leaf clover,
You got a choice to make,
You're at the cross roads,
You gotta make up your mind,
You can go right or you can go left,
And you can't depend on nobody else,
We need to do what we need to do
It ain't personal between me and you,
Come May 2nd, you will be uncrowned with your head hanging down,
The pain and stress left to confess that the Hitman's the best,
So lets make it simple and plain after this fight, Pac will never be the same,
It aint no diggity it aint no doubt, Pac's gonna find out what its all about,
When he beat the ole legend Oscar de la Hoya,
He was over the hill,
Now its time for you to swallow the same damn pill,
So get your tickets now peoples-and lets make it clear,
That the Pacman ass woopin is almost here,
It aint no secret and I hope you know,
The Hitman Hatton by KO!

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is not only a joker but also a trainer with a big freaking mouth!

Now, he is saying that his guy - Ricky Hatton, is brilliant as a stallion and Manny Pacquiao is just a mere mule. C'mon, I don't care if his guy is a stallion, come May 2. Hatton will have a cold feet, he'll be like this frozen Stallion lying in the middle of the ring.


Should we change the monicker Manny 'the destroyer' Pacquiao to Manny 'the Mule' Pacquiao ? :mrgreen: THE HECK! Floyd Mayweather Sr. is dreaming, wake up horsy man, the mule you are referring is not your dad's favorite cartoon character. The Pinoy mule will own and tear down your Stallion just like this mountain lion.


Listen up Floyd Sr. you're just a cockroach compared to our dear coach Freddie Roach.

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