How to host Battlenet for Warcraft 3 DOTA

Although Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) has been an old school map for Warcraft 3 still a lot of players is having a hard time to host a war3 dota game. My first site for DOTA hosting tutorial is quite old so I'll post a new one on this blog.

Anyway, here are some of the most popular BNET servers for warcraft 3. Whether you're using a crack CD or a second hand cheap one it should work on these servers.


Philippines +1000 players

SERVER NAME: Pogz [pinoy server]

EUROPE +20000 players

SERVER NAME: Eurobattlenet

ENDER +20000 players

EGN AUSTRALIA +15000 players


OK, if you really want to learn in hosting a Warcraft 3 DOTA game (will work on any blizzard game too) read all the instructions.

FIRST: You need to portforward your router to default battle net ports 6112 -6119

SECOND: You need to know how to open your router, Your should know your USERNAME and PASSWORD

THIRD: To open your router try opening your internet explorer by typing, or IF not able to open call ur ISP provider and ask them how to open it.

FOURTH: When you succesfully open up your router you have to follow certain steps go here PORT FORWARD Messing up with your router can cause internet failure so be careful. If you successfully port forwarded your computer you'll be able to host in your favorite Warcraft 3 map especially DOTA.

Im currently playing at see you online... my current handle is j0hnny360 or The_Sentinels.

Hosting Warcraft 3 DOTA is easy, just read and understand everything.

Download Pick Up ListChecker and Banlist for Warcraft 3


Joe Cool said...

Hey everyone, I am having an odd problem that I haven’t heard of before so maybe one of you guys can help me. I have all my ports forewarded, I have my firewall allowing connections and I CAN host Dota games everytime I try to. But if I change the map from Dota to ANY OTHER map my friend says he cant find the game. Other people join the game and my friend has always been able to join my Dota games just fine. But even if he types in the game name he cant join. Any help would be greatly appreiciated. Thanks in advance!

Lawson said...

Hey man i cant figure out my User name or password when i type in the IP address on the search engine. I’ve tryed my admin name and all but it still wont work!!! its making me really mad and i need some help bad!